Jewish-Muslim group ask Trudeau to defeat motion condemning Islamophobia

An interfaith group is calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to defeat a private member’s motion that condemns Islamophobia and calls on Parliament to develop a strategy to eliminate it.

David Nitkin and Tariq Khan, co-chairs of Muslim Jewish Dialogue of Toronto, wrote letters to Trudeau Feb. 7 saying motion M-103, which has not passed Parliament, and Petition E-411, which has, “are antithetical to the Canadian values we cherish.”

A useful idiot in the thrall of Islam leading a party thoroughly infiltrated by Islamist 5th columnists. What could possibly go wrong?

“Like all religious groups, Muslims are already protected under our Charter of Rights and Freedoms and criminal law. They do not need a separate law which is supported by groups that have close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and in essence are trying to put in place a form of sharia blasphemy law,” they state.

At the same time, Media Action Group circulated a petition urging its supporters to write their MPs to protest “two motions before Parliament which threaten our basic right to freedom of speech” and could lead to sharia blasphemy laws.