Hillary Clinton’s new career: Femme-a-goguery

Add it to the dictionary: Femme-a-goguery (n) Activities aimed at forcing all taxpayers to fund one as an xx, real or imagined. From Michelle Malkin at Townhall:

On its face, Hillary’s statement seems like standard-issue, gender-centric cheerleading. But her declaration that “The Future is Female” is a dog whistle to the most extreme wing of the progressive feminist movement — where an explicitly anti-male, grievance-wallowing, lady parts-obsessed culture prevails. A “female future,” after all, necessitates that inherently bad boys take a political backseat and yield all their authority to Grrrrl Power.

Pushback against “period shaming” has become such a thing among privileged feminist elites that these gender justice warriors vandalized buildings during the Women’s March in Washington, D.C., by slapping sanitary napkins all over the walls. They donned tampon earrings and uterus costumes. They swooned while Ashley Judd shrieked on stage about being “nasty, like the blood stains on my bed sheets.”

This is not self-empowerment. It’s just gross self-indulgence and exhibitionism.More.

Reality check:To Malkin, it is that. To these babes, it is all they have got. Don’t underestimate their desperation.

Being female proved that it was Hill’s turn to have the White House, which proves that women are equal. Or something. For female bureaucrats and other typical Hill voters, that precisely is the ambition: I have the right identity and grievances, and I put in time here doing whatever, so now promote me! Vote for them and we will get them.

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