Georgetown prof Jonathan Brown justifies slavery and the rape of female slaves

Now it is clear why professor Jonathan A. C. Brown had our Jihad Watch correspondent, Andrew Harrod, expelled from this lecture before it began. It is also clear why he responded with such infantile rudeness when I accepted his challenge to debate. Brown would never admit it, but he has taken these positions because he is a Muslim: the Qur’an teaches that Infidel women can be lawfully taken for sexual use.

…A professor at Georgetown University is teaching his students that men do not need consent to have sex with women, and that slavery is justifiable under Islamic teachings.

Islamic Studies professor Jonathan Brown recently lectured at the International Institute of Islamic Thought, where he shared his alarming beliefs with students in attendance in his lecture, “Islam and the Problem of Slavery.” Freelance writer Umar Lee expressed his shock over the 90-minute lecture, which included explicit endorsements of rape and slavery. Brown himself uploaded the lecture to YouTube.

He’s just being honest.