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NDP call for refugee support

The opposition NDP is calling on Premier Brian Pallister to push Ottawa to suspend or revoke legislation that would hinder immigrants crossing from the United States from finding safety in Manitoba.

Cornell Student Assembly Votes Down Resolution for Ideological Diversity in Faculty

Liberals love diversity, as long as it’s only skin deep. Ideological diversity is a whole different ball game.

University Students Required To Take ‘Social Justice’ Classes, But Not Allowed To Question What They’re Being Taught

At UMass Amherst, students are required to take two “social justice” classes to earn diploma, and this course — Education 115: Embracing Diversity — fulfills one of those requirements.

In it, students must act out examples of racism to prove America is racist “from A to Z.” Students must also read about how society is dominated by “white privilege” and discuss ways to combat that. They’re charged with creating a mock sexual assault awareness campaign and taught U.S. society pushes male “domination” over women. Another assignment has them coming up with ways to make a university more welcoming to a low-income black lesbian majoring in engineering. New vocabulary words thrown at students include “internalized classism” and “cultural imperialism.” And a “Man Box” assignment teaches students that when men try to prove their masculinity it ends up “with frequently disastrous consequences.”

Berkeley defends police passivity during anti-free speech riot

The University of California, Berkeley’s Chancellor and chief of police both refused to acknowledge any wrongdoing, or even mistakes, in their response to last week’s riots on campus.

In a recent interview with KQED News, Chancellor Nicholas Dirks defended his school’s response to the violent riots, arguing that they in no way hurt the prestigious university’s reputation of protecting First Amendment rights on campus.

“I don’t think we’ve been tarnished at all. In fact, I have been hearing from people across the country that we have indeed honored our tradition and that we have been exemplary in terms of our commitment to freedom of speech,” Dirks explained, criticizing “representations of what happened here” that he feels disregarded or misrepresented the facts to portray Berkeley as a hostile environment for free speech.

Trudeau to meet Angela Merkel in Germany, address European Parliament

Next week’s meeting between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and German Chancellor Angela Merkel will be a symbolic affirmation of their shared values in the Donald Trump era, says Germany’s envoy to Canada.

Trudeau’s Berlin visit with Merkel, arguably Europe’s most influential politician, comes as the EU tries to deal with the ascendance of Trump and his protectionist, inward looking “America First” foreign policy.

Vegan Triggered By Nursery Rhyme Gets German Town to Change Tune on Glockenspiel Bells

The small German town of Limburg an der Lahn in Hesse is changing the musical lineup for its town hall glockenspiel after a local vegan said she was offended by “hostility toward animals” in one song.

Before, the town’s bell tunes included a song called “Fox, You Stole the Goose.” It describes how theft puts the fox in the crosshairs of a local hunter with a big, long shotgun.

9th Circuit Has 80 Percent Reversal Rate At Supreme Court

Eight of out of 10 cases from the 9th Circuit reviewed by the Supreme Court are overruled, according to a 2010 analysis published by the American Bar Association. The 9th Circuit, which is known for its liberal tendencies, has the second-highest reversal rate of the 13 appellate courts below the Supreme Court.

Trans Protester Crashes Board Meeting

“You think that hormone therapy is optional?” xe said during a Group Insurance Board meeting on Wednesday. “You think that sex-reassignment surgery is optional?”

“You are killing trans people,” xe said. “They are killing themselves because they’re not accepted.”

NBC News Spreads Fear, Lies With “Ghost Gun” Fake News

Once again, “investigative reporter” Jeff Rossen is fear-mongering about the firearms industry, this time with an incredibly dishonest article about so-called “ghost guns,” a hysterical term used to describe firearms made from gun parts kits sold both in retail stores and online.

Jihad explained in Toronto mosque celebrating Ontario Islamic Heritage Month

The mosque opened its doors to non-Muslims to learn about the true Islam from Islamic literature that was given away, by listening to speeches of Muslim imams and activists, participating in a Q&A session and a tour of the mosque.

The guest speaker at the event was Liberal MP Salma Zahid who said that Canada and Islam share the same basic value of equality that “makes us true Canadian.” She expressed her hope that such events will help young Muslim Canadians to learn about their religion and culture.