Buzzfeed on the woes of fake left-wing news

From Ruby Cramer and Steven Perlberg at Buzzfeed,

If it began during the election with ad revenue-hungry hoax sites and false information campaigns directed largely at Hillary Clinton, fake news in the Trump era has seeped into the liberal online ecosystem in the form of viral posts on Medium, Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook — with progressives elevating anonymous social media accounts, floating outlandish conspiracies, and seizing on stories that don’t hold up to the facts.

There are new cases daily. Suspicions about his 2020 re-election filing. Theories about the “regime’s” plan for a “coup d’état against the United States” (complete with Day After Tomorrow imagery of New York City buried in snow). Stories based on an unverified Twitter account offering supposed “secrets” from “rogue” White House staffers (followed by more than 650,000 people). Even theories about the Twitter account (“Russian disinformation”).

Since the election, the debunking website Snopes has monitored a growing list of fake news articles aimed at liberals, shooting down stories about a new law to charge protesters with terrorism, a plan to turn the USS Enterprise into a floating casino, and a claim that Vice President Mike Pence put himself through gay conversion therapy. More.

Reality check: The obvious solution for these people is, quit snorting what you sell. Maybe quit snorting? The real reason progressives lost US 2016 is that they wanted to continue to take the United States in a direction in which enough people did not want to go. So they lost command of the ship. It says something about them that after all this time, they just cannot accept that and still need big doses of fake news to prop up their belief system.

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