Quebec columnist Denise Bombardier ‘stunned’ by Premier Couillard shouting ‘Allah Akbar,’ the war cry of jihadists, at the funerals of 3 Muslim men in Quebec City

Philippe Couillard – something Vichy about this guy.

On February 4, 2017, in its report on the funerals of three Muslim men killed at a Quebec City mosque, Montreal’s Le Devoir indicated that Quebec Premier, Philippe Couillard, shouted ‘Allah Akbar’ (‘God is great in Arabic) during the ceremony. He added that “These words are wrongly associated with violence.”

The same day, TVA, the main private TV network in Quebec, reported on its website that, a few hours earlier, when a man wielding a machete rushed toward a military unit protecting the Louvres Museum in Paris, he shouted ‘Allah Akbar.’

“In 2013, an official Saudi newspaper reported Philippe Couillard’s endorsement of the Saudi king. Richard Martineau commented on the issue. In 2011, while Philippe Couillard was a member of the Security Intelligence Review Committee supervising CSIS’ activities, the National Post reported that he was being paid to advise the Saudi government.”