Lawrence Solomon: The 1% are rising up in glamorous protest against the Trumpen Proletariat

They’re protesting by the millions against Donald Trump, starting with marches in Washington the day of his inauguration and continuing outside the Trump Tower in Manhattan, outside the White House, at Trump’s “Winter White House” at Mar-a-Lago, and at college campuses across the land. Anti-Trump declarations are de rigueur in venues of all kinds, whether at celebrations marking family events, at academic gatherings or in the hallowed halls of Congress.

Rolling Stone dubs the wave of protests the largest in America since the Vietnam War, but the protests know no national borders. They marched in London, Paris, Brussels, Berlin and Sydney. Trump has been denounced in the U.K. parliament and on its website, which hosts a petition — more than one-million signatures strong — demanding that Trump be barred from meeting the Queen on a state visit.

These aren’t proletarian protests, though, a revolt of the poor and dispossessed against an uncaring ruling class. These are their opposites. We are witnessing the outrage of the one per cent, of the world’s ruling elite rising in unison at Trump and his blue-collar threat to the social order.