Why Canada Has Resisted Populism

PARIS — In the run-up to the recent U.S. presidential election, a lot of conservatives began using the term “cuck” to describe “cuckolded” males beholden to leftist policies. Lately, some conservatives have been applying that rather unflattering term to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, one of the few Western leaders staying the globalist course while other countries opt for a greater degree of national security.

The US immigration mess fueled Trump’s election and true to his word he has no intention of mimicking Europe’s mistakes regarding Islamic immigration.

Canada won’t escape Europe’s fate unless immigration from Islamic states is curtailed. That won’t happen under a Liberal government as the LPC is compromised by a weak leader in the thrall of Islam. Trudeau falsely assumes he has seized the moral high-ground by subjecting Canadians to the same vibrant diversity now suffered by Europe’s citizens.

That said it’s simply a numbers game and should the door not be closed it is only a matter of time before Canadian attitudes to immigration shift from this to this.