Two “refugees” are charged with molesting five girls aged between 12 and 14 in a German swimming pool

Two asylum seekers have been charged with molesting five girls between the ages of 12 to 14 at a German swimming pool.

A local police report from the Ratzeburg force states the suspects were two ‘southern-looking’ men who molested them under the water.

The men are 23 and 34 years old and are said to be asylum seekers living in Bad Oldesloe in the northern state of Schleswig-Holstein.

  • Editor

    Or, as it is also known, Wednesday in Germany.

  • ntt1

    this crap will never happen to just-ins kids just the hardworking taxpayer who Justin betrays constantly.

    • Editor

      With 2 or 3 nannies paid for by the taxpayer and a couple of RCMP in civilian clothing hovering around most of the time. No, I don’t think his kids will ever experience the new Canadian diversity first hand.

  • tom_billesley

    Elsewhere in Germany:

    An asylum seeker has been detained after he allegedly launched a string of sex attacks on 18 women during a single two-hour train journey.
    The 23-year-old migrant is suspected of groping the women on a suburban S-Bahn German train line between Munich and Herrsching on January 29.
    The Eritrean-born attacker is said to have gone from one carriage to the next touching female passengers.
    Police traced the man to a migrant camp in Starnberg, near Munich. The 23-year-old was then also identified as a suspect in another sex attack in the city.

    • mobuyus

      Mental illness here, nothing to do with islam or being muslim.

      • freakypete98

        Sure, there tends to be a lot of mental illness with the followers of this religion.

        • mobuyus

          The best thing for muslims will be when we take their islam away from them.

  • felis gracilis

    If found guilty, deport immediately. There is no point in keeping these losers in a German jail. Send them back to whatever goatforshaggin’ place they came from.

  • canminuteman

    I saw a story at the CBC today about a bunch of kids getting molested by someone at a pool out west. The perp was a muzzie. We are not immune.

  • Dana Garcia

    Why do pools allow allah’s little helpers into the public pools anyway? It’s not culturally appropriate for them.