Leaked report: ‘Salafism in Belgium spiralling out of control’

Belgian Muslims are increasingly influenced by radical Salafi and even Wahhabi schools of Islam, which succeed in dominating more and more mosques and religious centres. Extremist Islamic preachers have been gradually outcompeting their less fanatical ideological competitors in the Western European country, a recent study by the Organization for the Coordination of the Threat Level (OCAD) has concluded.

At the same time, researchers found that imams (Islamic preachers) operating in comparatively moderate mosques are radicalising as well. 

  • ontario john

    And now for the revised headline under the Canadian Islamophobia prevention guidelines. Peace loving muslims spread the joys of Islam in the face of racist Islamophobia, in racist Europe. This headline approved by the Minister of Culture.

  • What the hell did the Euros expect? Islam is peace bull sh*t?

    • The rank and file were bamboozled by political criminals.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Did they blame the Jews yet?

  • Gary

    The CRA is gutless because they won’t enforce the tax laws for a Charity or Religion when it comes to islam and the Mosques that preach for the Jihad to take over Canada and kill the unbelievers.
    The muslim population is now so large that they now have power to inflict fear on our leaders to lose their votes or suffer the wrath of Jihad terrorism as well as smearing them with the usual labels like racist, bigot,anti-muslim or islamophobe.

    There is a God-hating Atheist named Justin Trottier that crusaded right through school and University to stop Christian from having the Churches exempt for property Tax and have a Charity Status for Donations to include on the Tax-returns .
    His argument was about the views of gays in the Holy Book that was hate-speech, Justin also attack the catholic School for not having the GSA’s for gay students .

    Fine…..but during an Interview with Ezra Levant ( The Source) that dealt with the jew-hating homophobic Mosque in the Valley park PUBLIC school ….he would not make an outright condemnation that Imams came on school property with a homophobic Holy Book to spew hatred to muslms students on Friday.

    Here’s a clip where Justin was opposed to the Hijabs for Cops , which was earlier than the Video with Ezra about the Valley Park school mosque.
    The god-haters like the HRC, Libby Davies , Svend Robinson , Susan g Cole Olivia Chow , and the TDSB were oh so brave to throw stones at Jesus for decades …… but along came Muhammad and his followers that would slit their throats from any offending slights of him and their version of god.

    Even our Lesbian premier loves islam and Muhammad

  • Observer

    It’s all a matter of perspective.

    I think in Riyadh they see it as Salafism in Belgium spiraling into control as they planned.

  • Gary

    I found the Video with the Atheist Justin where Ezra challenged him on the Homophobic jew-hating misogynistic mosque a Public school.

    Note how he dances abound condemning the Mosque and refuses to denounce the Imams spews verse from the quran which call for killing gays. He knows he will has hos head sawed off or home fire bombed.
    This look good on him for all those years this weasel bashed Jesus and the Church , his type needs to be flushed out to expose their Bogus NGO with a Charity status to avoid getting a real job and scam the CRA to be Political during Elections but pretend to fight for equality for gays and Atheists.

    A weasel parasite by any other name …….


  • Everyone Else

    every single imam has a foreign accent

    what does that tell you?