Another day in headless chicken reporting from dino media enterprises

From Ryan Pickrell at Daily Caller:

News that President Donald Trump was easing sanctions against Russia was refuted almost immediately, like so many other stories.

The Department of the Treasury said Thursday that it would allow U.S. companies to make limited transactions with the Federal Security Service (FSB), Russia’s intelligence agency. Possibly eager to establish a connection between the new U.S. president and Russia, numerous media outlets and journalists were quick to claim that Trump was easing, and even lifting, sanctions against Russia.

As it turns out, the move was a “technical fix” planned by the Obama administration. More.

Reality check: Part of the problem in many cases is that dying media industries are not typically hiring out of the top of the class. Many of the current meltdowns and freakouts may not even be strongly politically motivated. Rather, the people involved don’t have a good news sense and possibly can’t develop one. Perhaps such qualities are not even sought, praised, or rewarded anymore.

See also: No need to apologize, mainstream media, re shamelessly fronting Clinton. You are obsolete. We have the internet. We have kitty litter too.


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