Trump’s immigration edict-Obscuring the larger issue

“…It is one thing if an enterprising immigrant arrives in a new country and is integrated into the prevailing socio-cultural fabric (which, presumably, made it his/her desired destination in the first place) to become a productive contributing member of society. It is quite another if huge waves of immigrants, from countries where fundamental socio-cultural mores and values are not only different, but antithetical, to those of the host nation, attempt to impose those divergent mores/values on their new societal environs. After all, this would transform them into something greatly reminiscent of very the societies they chse to leave.

Regrettably, this is precisely what is occurring in large swathes of the Western world—in Britain, Germany, Belgium, France and Sweden—where society is being torn apart by waves of (im)migrants from Muslim-majority countries that have converted growing urban enclaves into no-go zones for law-enforcement officers—and which non-Muslims enter at their peril.

Indeed, in a recent column Europe 2016: A study in Self-Cannibalization,  I underscored the perversely paradoxical tragedy emerging “[a]s the massive influx of Muslim immigrants engulf the European Union and press against the gates of North America  today, bringing with them much of what they were attempting to flee…” and cautioned that:  “…the appalling truth is becoming increasingly clear. Across the Western world today, political liberalism is undergoing a process of self-cannibalization. It is being devoured by the very values which made it into arguably the most successful and influential socio-political doctrine in modern history.”