Hanson on US: From hard left back to populist center

From Victor Davis Hanson at Townhall:

For all the hysteria over the bluntness of the mercurial Trump, his agenda marks a return to what used to be seen as fairly normal, as the U.S. goes from hard left back to the populist center.

Trump promises not just to reverse almost immediately all of Obama’s policies, but to do so in a pragmatic fashion that does not seem to be guided by any orthodox or consistently conservative ideology.

Trade deals and jobs are Trump’s obsessions — mostly for the benefit of blue-collar America. More.

Reality check:  I had thought Clinton would win because I assumed that working class Americans were content to exchange jobs and communities for identities and grievances. I had assumed that because the traditional media portrayed them that way. Portrayed them the way that the Dems were marketing to, essentially.

We would hear about the hardhat who took the layoff as an opportunity to stay home and look after the new baby while his wife worked. But not so much about the guys who were just seething as they surveyed the destruction around the—unless it was to show how they needed therapy or something. Those were much bigger stories but not the ones media wanted to tell. Not Cool enough.

It’s still only Round 1 but the traditional media and their traditional audience will probably not get back together again; too little respect on either side.

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