Despite all Maclean’s flag-waving, they really saw no difference between the United States and Canada

From H.G. Watson at j-source,

Rogers Media is eliminating about 13 positions at Maclean’s, according to the union that represents its newsroom.

“Maclean’s and the public are losing some very talented people who have contributed greatly to our understanding of national affairs,” said Brad Honywill, local representative for Unifor Local 87-M, said in an email statement provided to J-Source.

“These changes stem from a restructuring announcement we made in the fall to address the ongoing challenges facing the print media industry. We remain focused around consumers’ shift towards digital and are investing in resources to enable a digital-first culture.” More.

Reality check: I can remember when Maclean’s mattered. Then, last summer, I saw clearly why Maclean’s doesn’t matter any more: The coverage of US 2016 so often skewed to: Vote progressive or we’ll have Trump here. Recently declared Tory hopeful Kevin O’Leary is Trump, whether he is or not. (He isn’t.) Whether the circumstances are similar or not. (They aren’t.)

Like we were just the next domino.

In short, despite all Maclean’s flag-waving, they saw no difference between the United States and Canada. And, as this account of the current Tory leadership race shows, that hasn’t changed.

Their coverage of Kelly Leitch was sophomoric at best, prompting me to write, Political correctness makes people stupid.

Maclean’s will decline into another hat on the taxpayer’s sidewalk and stay there.

Going digital will not help media with no real information to offer. It takes only seconds to go elsewhere to find something substantial, usually free.

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