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Protesters march in Toronto, U.S. and U.K. over Islamophobia, travel bans

Protesters shut down a section of University Avenue for the second time this week in a march against Islamophobia.

The movement, hashtagged #NoMuslimBanTO, brought in hundreds of protesters last month shortly after the immigration ban was first implemented by Trump. The protest caused the U.S Consulate on University Ave. to be shut down.

Hundreds of protesters are back just five days later to march again for the same cause. Organizers of the protest are calling on the Canadian government to condemn the travel ban.

Canada choosing ‘the opposite approach’ on refugees and immigration: Hussen

The new federal immigration, refugee and citizenship minister says Canada will continue to take “the opposite approach” of countries like the United States when it comes to managing its borders and travel policy.

“As more and more countries are taking a different approach, of closing their borders, or not being open to new people or ideas, we’ve chosen the opposite approach, which is being open to ideas, being open to people, being open to talent, being open to skills and investments and we’ll continue to have that tradition,” Ahmed Hussen told CBC Radio’s The House.

Social media giants fight Trump’s anti-terror plan while providing platform for terrorists

Twitter’s $1.6 million pledge to help fight the White House’s anti-terror immigration order is just the latest case of social media companies taking on Trump, but critics say the same companies are doing next to nothing to stop dangerous radicals from using their platforms to spread hate.

White House On Berkeley Rioters: ‘We Know Who They Are’

It seems antifa is soon going to learn what law and order actually looks like.

UN Lesson Plans Teach Kids to Get Civilians to “Turn in Guns”

The United Nations (UN) is offering lesson plans for teaching American and Canadian children about the benefits of civilian disarmament and to familarize them with “the process by which the international community, regional organizations, and the UN encourage the practice of disarmament.”

Over the course of six lessons, teachers using the “Disarmament Education Programme” prepared by the United Nations Association in Canada will indoctrinate students to accept the UN as a global government and an engine of peace with the goal of creating a “world without weapons.”

The lesson titles should be enough to enrage every person who recognizes that the first act of any would-be autocrat is to disarm the people they intend to command.

CJPME warns against Islamophobia and spread of global Islamic extremism

In a January 30, 2017 Huffington Post op-ed, Thomas Woodley, President of Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME) urged the Canadian political right to reflect on its role in a January 29, 2017 mass shooting at a Quebec mosque during which six congregants were killed by Alexandre Bissonnette, a 27-year-old student at Laval University.

In Woodley’s opinion, the shooting was a culmination of the increase in harassment against Canada’s Muslims, and he urged Canadian politicians to be careful not to say things “that inflame latent prejudice against Canada’s Muslim community”.

Milo Security Coordinator: Berkeley Police Had a ‘No Arrests Policy’

Breitbart Senior editor Milo appeared alongside his tour security coordinator Tej Gill on Breitbart News Daily hosted by Breitbart Editor in Chief Alex Marlow today to discuss the riots at UC Berkeley and the inaction of Berkeley Police Department.

New multi-faith prayer space aims to achieve collaboration

After nearly a decade of lobbying the University of Alberta for a larger space for religious students to gather and pray, Friday night marked the grand opening of a new area dedicated to multi-faith prayer and meditation.

The large prayer room has been open to students for nearly two weeks and it’s been getting good use in that time.

Fury as French police use BURKA to go undercover during drug bust

The bizarre footage shows the two officers apprehend the suspect while dressed in the traditional religious robes, grabbing him roughly in what appears to be a car park in La Bricarde, Marseille.

One policeman can be seen wearing a full-body burka and a face veil, while the other was captured dressed in a similar long Islamic-style robe.

Immigration advocates petition Trudeau to rescind Safe Third Country Agreement

Following US President Donald Trump’s executive order temporarily blocking refugees from seven Muslim-majority countries, Canadian immigration advocates launched a petition urging Prime Minister Trudeau to rescind an agreement between Canada and the United States under which refugees arriving from the United States are prohibited from requesting asylum in Canada.