Why stop calling pregnant women expectant mothers?

No, not what you thought, because she might decide to get the kid dismembered at the last minute.

From Tom Knighton at PJ Media,

It seems that anywhere you turn, the political correctness craze continues unabated. The last assault on reality comes from the other side of the Atlantic, where the British Medical Association is instructing physicians to stop calling pregnant women “expectant mothers” because it may offend the transgendered. Somehow.More.

Reality check: It’s more than that. Way more. They are giving themselves the right to define human life in whatever way suits their attitudes, values, beliefs, and policies, not on the basis of evidence.

If you do not think that matters to you, ask whether euthanasia is legal in your jurisdiction.

See also: Quebec, maybe Canada, to falsify euthanasia death certificates
The right, once clarified and entrenched, to falsify a death certificate when someone is killed will doubtless prove very convenient in days to come.