Progressive warns against left-wing conspiracy theories

From Sasha Lekach at Mashable

It’s a distraction from bigger moves at play, the theories, posted on blogging platform Medium, state. One goes as far to call the ban [restrictions on travel from some countries] the administration’s way of testing a coup and was shared by countless celebrities. You probably saw that picture of a downed Statue of Liberty from The Day After Tomorrow in your Facebook feed more than once. Another comes to a similar conclusion, but in less brazen terms.

The coup post, seen by 5 million people according to its author, was the most popular story on Medium Tuesday with more than 10,000 likes. The other was the second most popular with more than 6,000 likes. On social media, the stories were reposted all over progressive, anti-Trump pages and accounts. More.

Reality check: It is odd indeed to hear a left-wing conspiracy theory warned against on the left. Could some of these people be waking up? It’s a good thing that, so far, no one has had to pay for all that rent-free space in their heads, except themselves.

To judge from the mildness of the slap, there is nothing to fear at present from any one of them waking up to the fact that the policies they decry garner widespread support except in their now-faint echo chamber, the traditional media.

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