80% of Women’s March turnout came from Clinton, Obama states?

From Michael Barone at Townhall:

But it’s clear the rage expressed by Trump’s critics is not indicative of wider public opinion, just as the giant turnout for the women’s marches Jan. 21 wasn’t typical of the nation. Analyst Nate Silver estimates that 80 percent of the turnout came in states carried by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Democrats’ “fight in the streets” (Sen. Tim Kaine’s phrase) is playing to the base, not the wider public. More.

Reality check: This is a very interesting political saga to watch because, for once, the traditional opinion leaders just don’t seem to connect the way they used to. And they don’t know how to start again. But why did women who wear vagina hats think they had anything to say to small-town women searching for vanishing jobs anyway?

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