Gavin McInnes appearance shut down by ‘anti-fascists’ at New York University

An appearance by a controversial Canadian political pundit sparked brawls Thursday night at a New York University event.

Fights that broke out at a protest against Gavin McInnes led to 11 arrests. School officials also say McInnes was hit by pepper spray.

NYU Professor Completely Loses It at Protest, Shrieks at Police: “You are fucking assholes!”

Black bloc “anti-fascists” attacked right-wing media figure Gavin McInnes outside a New York University building on Thursday night.

McInnes was there to give a talk to students, but was incessantly interrupted by hecklers. Afterward, masked black bloc protesters assaulted the controversial former Fox News personality and sprayed him with mace. Eleven people were eventually arrested.

“I saw Gavin McInnes and I wanted to punch him in the fucking face, but he got away,” said one protester.