Women’s March: Soft on violence against women?

If Trump is Hitler how come these women aren’t in concentration camps?

From Hillary Morgan Ferrer at Mama Bear:

So You “Marched for Women” This Weekend? 8 Things You Probably Didn’t Know You Were Marching For…


6. Honoring women affected by violence… but not actually condemning those who perpetrate it.

This one was strange, and some people may not agree. While the paragraph dedicated to violence against women sounds like they are condemning violence against women, the language is oddly vague. It never actually comes out and condemns people or groups who perpetrate violence against women, and it never spells out what constitutes a violent act. I have to be careful with this point, but let me just ask the question: why are they so specific with what they mean by “woman” (black, indigenous, poor, immigrant, Muslim, lesbian, queer, trans, disabled, deaf) and yet so unspecific with what they mean by “violence”? It never actually condemns the perpetrators. It just “honors the women taken before their time.”

Reality check: It’s not difficult to see the problem here. The Women’s March wanted to be inclusive. but that means including cultures who teach that the Almighty sanctions violence against wives, cutting off women’s genitals, etc.

To do otherwise would be, well, othering the “other,” or something.

Worse, it would imply that cultures where guys just get tossed in jail for beating their wives and doctors would not dare mutilate a little girl for cultural reasons have something to teach the world. That would be the unforgivable sin of imperialism.

Hot news: There really is a God and he really does punish right down to the last jot and tittle the unrepentant sinner. Often in this life, to teach others. The divine justice these women face is: They have recreated the situation women faced in the Stone Age. We can “honor the women taken before their time.” But that is all we can do. Even “women’s empowerment” types cannot discuss the problems honestly, let alone do anything about it. And they brought that about themselves, by their own hand.

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