Shock: Ontario government approves faithful Catholic college

From Lianne Laurence at Lifesite:

Our Lady Seat of Wisdom, in Barry’s Bay, Ontario, announced January 28 that the minister of advanced education and skills development, Deb Matthews, has agreed to allow it to grant a three-year degree of Bachelor in Catholic Studies for an initial period of six years, subject to certain conditions.

“This is a major event for us,” Dr. Keith Cassidy, OLSW’s president, told LifeSiteNews. “It changes our status significantly.”

“It is an official recognition that the quality of our education is university level, that we are entitled to offer bachelor degrees,” he said. “And it also opens the door for us to enter into formal agreements with other institutions in Canada and elsewhere.” More.

Reality check: If you are a serious Catholic, don’t go anywhere else—unless “anywhere else” is becoming more like OLSW rather than less. In terms, that is, of a serious commitment to the intellectual life instead of “exploring our grievances together, with funding,” and so forth. Expect corporate moves to cause trouble eventually, as with Trinity Western.

The corporate world that caters to big government (in exchange for favours) prefers—apart from the STEM fields—grads who are ignorant, stupid, and aggrieved with reality. Not likely to ever apply genuinely rational or ethical standards to anything.

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