Othello production cancelled in Edmonton, due to threats

From Canadian Press,

A community theatre says it has cancelled its production of Shakespeare’s “Othello” because of threats from people angered by a decision to cast a white woman in the title role instead of the traditional man of colour.

Volunteer-run Walterdale Theatre Associates in Edmonton issued a statement late Monday that said it regrets the cancellation, but it can’t continue because the safety of cast members has been threatened.

“This is a heartbreaking decision, but as a community of volunteers and artists, we can’t continue with a production where the safety of members of our cast has been threatened,” Walterdale president Adam Kuss said in a statement.

In an email, Kuss declined to discuss the nature of the threats and whether they were about race or gender.More.

Reality check: They are about the Big, Increasingly Progressive Shuddup. What else did you need to know?