Geert Wilders vows to take hardline on Muslims ‘acting according to Sharia law’

Geert Wilders, the founder and leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV), praised for his travel ban from seven Muslim countries before slamming the European Union’s open borders.

But speaking on Sky News’ All Out Politics, the politician insisted law-abiding Muslims already in the Netherlands would not be affected if his party was to come into power following the Dutch elections in March.

“We don’t want to kick any Muslims out – Muslims who are in the Netherlands today and adhere to our constitution, our laws and our values are welcome to stay and are equal as anybody else,” he said.

“But if they commit serious crimes, if they start acting according to Sharia law and if they’re punished and sentenced for that and have a double nationality, which lots of them in the Netherlands do, then indeed we want them to be stripped of their dutch nationality and sent away.