David Frum thinks Trump has already started to wreck the United States

That was fast work even for a go-getter. In a piece at Atlantic:

By all early indications, the Trump presidency will corrode public integrity and the rule of law—and also do untold damage to American global leadership, the Western alliance, and democratic norms around the world. The damage has already begun, and it will not be soon or easily undone. Yet exactly how much damage is allowed to be done is an open question—the most important near-term question in American politics. It is also an intensely personal one, for its answer will be determined by the answer to another question: What will you do? And you? And you?

Of course we want to believe that everything will turn out all right. In this instance, however, that lovely and customary American assumption itself qualifies as one of the most serious impediments to everything turning out all right. If the story ends without too much harm to the republic, it won’t be because the dangers were imagined, but because citizens resisted.

The duty to resist should weigh most heavily upon those of us who—because of ideology or partisan affiliation or some other reason—are most predisposed to favor President Trump and his agenda. The years ahead will be years of temptation as well as danger: temptation to seize a rare political opportunity to cram through an agenda that the American majority would normally reject. Who knows when that chance will recur?

Reality check: Curiously, more Americans still support than oppose Trump’s tighter immigration stance, just to take one example. Isn’t it a bit early to be talking autocracy? Oughtn’t we to wait until the crowd thins a bit?

See also: Alternative Progressive History: What If The Trump Win Were A Coup? Dying traditional media would, of course, see it that way. But it wasn’t Trump that threw them from office; it was large segments of the formerly doggy-loyal public.