We Need A Pellet Gun Registry Now! “Quebec shooting suspect loved guns as a kid, neighbour says”

Ralphie a potential terrorist! Who knew!

Quebec shooting suspect loved guns as a kid, neighbour says

Alexandre Bissonnette also developed a passion for guns as far back as his pre-teens, recalled one man who has lived across from the 27-year-old suspect’s childhood home for about three decades.

Rejean Bussieres, whose son is about the same age, remembered how the Bissonnette boy used to shoot his pellet gun at trees in the woods behind his house as a youngster.

“Alexandre really liked guns,” said Bussieres, who added that his son told him Bissonnette had a gun when he was about 12 years old.

“He showed one to my son and my son didn’t like that.”

Oh My! He had a pellet gun, that’s a sure sign of imminent violence.

Round up all the pellet guns now! Imprison anyone who ever owned one as a child! No time to lose! The media has spoken!