Finland Amazed at How Many ‘Refugee Children’ Are in Fact Adults

Finland, which in recent years received a fair share of asylum seekers, is increasingly questioning the applicants’ age. According to preliminary estimates, two thirds of asylum seekers posing as children are in fact adults.

When Finnish migration authorities are unsure about the applicant’s age, specific tests are carried out. Last year, medical tests to determine the biological age of asylum seekers were held four times more often than in 2015, Finnish national broadcaster Yle reported.

A total of 630 such tests were conducted in 2016, of which in two thirds of the cases conclusive evidence was found that applicant was in fact an adult. According to preliminary data from the Finnish Migration Board (Migri) more than 400 of last year’s applicants posing as teenagers were fact adults. The percentage of investigated asylum seekers who were found to be adults, although stated otherwise, has thus risen compared with previous years.

h/t TROP