CP24 normalizes lunatic Imam who claims Charlie Hebdo & 911 attacks were false flags to defame Muslims

I realize our media is in peak PC hysteria over the Quebec mosque shooting but that still doesn’t give them license to normalize Islamist whackjobs like Said Rageah, the featured interviewee in this city hall protest: Members of faith community say zoning by-law is ‘discriminatory’

Rageah is known for among other things:

For declaring Israel leads the world in the sexual slavery of little girls

Being denied admission to Australia for his comments on homosexuals

Declaring the Charlie Hebdo and 911 attacks to be false flag operations designed to defame Muslims:

“I don’t believe a bit that Muslims have anything to do with that, because, Glory be to Allah (سبحان الله‎), September 11 [2001], the building melted, but they found a Saudi passport, Allah willed it (ما شاء الله). What a miracle!

“You know here [in the case of Charlie Hebdo attack] they kill, you know, people, but miraculously the guys are so intelligent to assassinate 12 people, but he was so dumb to leave his document in the car? Allah willed it (ما شاء الله), May Allah bless you (تبارك الله).

For endorsing wife beating per the Koran

For declaring that Muslims should not integrate in Canada.

And for calling Canada’s former PM Harper “an enemy of Islam”

Our media and politicians are generally ignorant of Islam and its “leaders” in Canada. They also live in fear of being called “racist” and so prefer to promote the false narratives of diversity, multiculturalism and Islam as a religion of peace despite the evidence before their very eyes.

Quite simply our politicians prefer Muslim votes to the truth and that makes them dangerous to the general public.