Former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey backs bid to end Sharia courts in Britain

A former Archbishop of Canterbury says parliament needs to come to the “rescue” of Muslim women “trapped in bad marriages”.

Lord Carey, who was head of the Church of England for 11 years from 1991, was speaking in a House of Lords debate yesterday.

Peers were debating a bill proposed to reduce the power of sharia courts by making the law fairer for women currently discriminated by religious rules trying to escape violent or oppressive marriages.

The bill, first proposed last May by Lady Caroline Cox, is seeking to create a single law for all people.

Lord Carey, a crossbench peer who championed improving relations with other faiths during his time as Archbishop, said that parliament needed to “come to the rescue”.

He said parliament exists to clarify the law and help “those unsure of their rights” such as Muslim women who face “intimidation and threats” when they try to “free themselves”.