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Words of Wisdom From Justin Trudeau — New Year’s reflections

Until Justin Trudeau entered my life, I was but an ignorant fool, a prisoner of my own delusions. Until I heard his words of wisdom, I didn’t understand that the Chinese Communist dictatorship was something to be admired. Or that all Cubans were in love with Fidel Castro. Nor did I appreciate that Justin, in his speculations about the motivations of the Boston bombers, demonstrated his expertise in social psychology. He nailed it. Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. It is just a manifestation of poor “excluded,” alienated youth whom we need to reach out to. We must “include them” so as to relieve them of their sad isolation. Perhaps Justin neglected to “include” his tenure as a Self-Help guru in his resume. Dr. Phil look out.

Obama: ‘White Americans’ Must Acknowledge ‘Slavery and Jim Crow’

Barack Obama took one last parting shot at “white people” during his farewell address on Tuesday.

He dedicated around a third of his speech to addressing the deterioration of race relations, though he insisted everything is just fine.

As every other sentence was a lie, I’ve broken it down piece by piece.

26 Questions Southerners Need To Answer

This is fairly accurate – we do say things differently than the rest of the country. It’s also a pretty good indicator that the liberals at Buzzfeed – and their readers – are just a little pretentious.

Well, isn’t that precious?

Government Control Not Gun Control

As seen in every single mass shooting, the government is completely incapable of protecting the citizenry from these kinds of attacks. If the people do not protect themselves, there is no protection. All “gun-control” laws do is fight or obstruct the people from protecting themselves. This is why state leaders have an obligation to declare any and all federal gun-control laws to be null and void and boldly declare to the people of their states that they will honor and protect the people’s right and duty to defend themselves.

Conservatives really are better looking, research says

A recently published study in the Journal of Public Economics concludes that the attractiveness of a candidate does correlate with their politics. They find that politicians on the right are more good looking in Europe, the United States and Australia.

The study shows correlation, not causation, but the researchers float a simple economic explanation for why this might happen. Numerous studies have shown that good-looking people are likely to earn more, and that people who earn more are typically more opposed to redistributive policies, like the progressive taxes and welfare programs favored by the left.

The hidden message in Obama’s ‘farewell’ speech

Two things you should know about Obama’s last hurrah:

First, it wasn’t so much “farewell” as “to be continued”.

Come a week from Friday, Obama will be the first ex-president since Woodrow Wilson to stay in Washington once his administration ends.

On Tuesday night, Obama made it clear that, unlike the enfeebled Wilson (or the gracious George W. Bush, for that matter), he plans to be quite vocal – on everything from illegal immigration, replacing ObamaCare, climate change, and the Iran nuclear deal – if he feels the necessity.

Second, Obama chose the moment and the setting (it’s where he gave his victory speech on Election Night 2012) to bask in idolatry rather than say much that will stand the test of time.

Left-wing activists plot to halt Trump’s inauguration in mass riot starting next week

According to websites run by organisers, they will take to the streets in mass protests beginning on January 14 in a bid to thwart security services.

And they are calling on US citizens from all over the country to travel to the city in a bid to destroy the festivities planned for Mr Trump’s swearing in ceremony.

Germany names its ‘ugliest’ word of the year: ‘People’s traitor’

The word is seen by many as having Nazi overtones and has been used recently by right-wing groups.

The decision was taken as part of the Unwort des Jahres contest, which literally means “unword of the year”.

The competition is held every year to pick a topical word that is deemed discriminatory, inflammatory or anti-democratic.

In recent times, members of Germany’s anti-Islam movement Pegida and the right-wing Alternative for Germany party (AfD) have taken to using Volksverraeter as an insult.

The panel – four linguists and a journalist – called it “a relic of dictatorship”.

Warmist Journalist Worries About The Emotional Toll Of Covering Climate In Age Of Trump

Andrew Freedman is Very Concerned. This follows on the heels of the meltdown by leading member of the Cult of Climastrology Eric Holthaus (who’s a pretty nice guy, from my interactions on Twitter), who has been driven to therapy.

Meanwhile In Canada. Wait For It…


  • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

    “I’m in the wrong”

    Wow, haven’t heard those words in a long time.

  • reidjr

    Calling it right now Moore and Rosie will do something very stupid that will end there Hollywood career and get them serious jail time.

    • Let’s hope Sharpton is in there too.

    • Exile1981

      Rosie went on twitter this morning to call on Obama to declare martial law and stop Trump inaugeration. She wants a revote with Obams sticking around till its done.

      • reidjr

        A revote would lead to massive riots not just from the right but the left as well many on the left say they don’t like the results but we must respect it its the alt left that’s the issue.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Darwin wins again!

  • reidjr

    The feds will be spending $175 million to renovate Terrasses de la Chaudière its a massive office building in Gatineau but the kicker is they say this will be a short term fix yes spending well over $175 million in there mind is short term.

    • tom_billesley

      It must be preserved. After all, it’s part of Pierre Trudeau’s legacy.

  • Brett_McS
  • tom_billesley

    Media bemoans migrants in the snow in Serbia, wants Balkan borders to be thrown open. As usual finds an 8-year-old to pass off as typical.

  • tom_billesley

    “deemed discriminatory, inflammatory or anti-democratic”?
    Why didn’t they pick as unwords of the year: “Allahu Akbar”.

  • ontario john

    In case anyone is remotely interested, here are the Toronto Star themes today. Numerous stories including the editorial that Trump is Hitler, Canadians are racist bastards, and black kids in Toronto need more money. And does anyone find it ironic, that Mallick rants about men abusing women, while at the same time their reporter Rosie has to sign a peace bond not to beat the shit out of anyone?

    1. Reagan & Lincoln tied for first
    2. Twenty-three presidents tied for second
    3. Seventeen other presidents tied for third
    4. Jimmy Carter is fourth
    5. Obama comes in fifth.

    • Exile1981

      Have you seen that Rosie Odennel called out on twitter to oboma to declare martial law to stop trump from being sworn in?

      Dozens of famous people have said they agree including JK Rowling. We need a thread on that stupidity.

      • I will try to find that, thanks.

        • Exile1981

          Anne Rice is now calling for Rosie and Elizabeth Warren to keep up the good work and be the future leaders of America.

          Yup that is what the US needs. A fat lesbian with a temper and a man hatred pair with a loony professor with ethics issues.

          • JoKeR

            My question is, who has the best chance of defeating Trump?

            Will it be Michael Moore and Rosie O’Donnell managing a crushing defeat of Trump by the two of them sitting on him, or will Elizabeth Warren manage to call an Indian war council to make a declaration?

          • Exile1981

            Several people said Anne Rice’s committe should be called the ‘Committee of Public Safety’, lefties should read history because they don’t get it.

          • reidjr

            Hollywood is trying to distance it self from both Moore and Rosie.

          • Ann Rice’s brain was destroyed by cocaine. I have friends who knew her back in the 80s and 90s in NO.

        • Exile1981
  • moraywatson

    The biggest slave traders in history are muslims, and they continue with slavery to this very day, yet Obama picks on the only country that ever fought a civil war to end their practice of it? Go fuck yourself Obama.

  • Maggat

    Darwin was close on that last one.