Men in KKK costumes disrupt Sessions confirmation hearing

WASHINGTON (AP) — Protesters disrupted Sen. Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing for attorney general on Tuesday, including two men wearing Ku Klux Klan costumes and a woman wearing a pink crown.

  • robins111

    Nice to see the Democrats dressing up in historically accurate costume, the men sporting their traditional KKK get up, and the women dressed up as cnuts..

  • deplorabledave

    These people are just plain evil.

  • mobuyus

    The gays just love their theatre.

  • The reverse side of those hand cutouts says Allahu Akbar.

  • andycanuck

    Funny how the security is always shit when a Republican is speaking isn’t it?

    • Brett_McS

      These aren’t official members of the Democratic Party?

  • Dana Garcia


    And what’s with the weird red hats in the audience? I guess I’m not hip to the cool lefty symbols.

    • vimy

      Commie pinko Smurfs.

  • Editor

    The “this is why you lost” lesson is really not sinking in, is it.

    • Jabberwokk

      Ahahahahaha…….no chance.

  • What?

  • bargogx1

    Makes me think of a great comment I saw somewhere a long time ago. Something to the effect of “even when you’re doing something “ironically”, you’re still doing it”.

  • Alain

    How much did Soros pay them? This was not some grassroots protest.

  • rufusrastasjohnsonbrown

    So the democrats are activating their militant arm once again.Two more dumb shit sjw who are oblivious to history.

    • Shebel

      I think the Liberal ,Progressive Left is starting to realize that petty militant ,name calling and humiliation is going to mean Nothing if they KEEP it UP!
      We can’t be bothered calling you NAMES. It is a Waste of Time.

  • canminuteman

    Unless these protesters start crawling home on their broken legs this is not going to stop. Every government event for the next four years is going to be like it unless these idiots are put in their place.

  • Still, this kind of demonstration has its effects, apparently. Jeff Sessions, I gather from other articles, lowered his Trump standards, saying he would not block Muslim immigration per se, and also that he would personally abstain from prosecution of Hillary Clinton. Under pressure from the left, the right all too often caves in.

    • Will Quest

      The right caving in to the totalitarianism of the ‘progressives’ will be their demise….. to apologizes to these feces flinging rhesus is giving them feces to fling…..