Dylann Roof Sentenced to Death

If he thinks that he will be a martyr, he has another thing coming:

A federal jury has sentenced Dylann Roof to death for killing nine black church members in a racially motivated attack in 2015.

Roof, who is white, faced either life in prison or execution for the slayings on June 17, 2015. The Justice Department says he is the first person to get the death penalty for federal hate crimes.

The jury reached a decision after about three hours of deliberations.

Roof was convicted last month of all 33 federal charges against him. During sentencing, he represented himself and told jurors he didn’t have a mental illness. But he didn’t offer any remorse or ask that his life be spared.

Roof told FBI agents he wanted to bring back segregation or perhaps start a race war with the slayings.

  • He can burn in hell.

  • What he actually has been sentenced to is a lifetime of rape by blacks in prison.

    I have no problem with that.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      How long is he going to sit on death row, now?

      • We’ll be gone before he is – and the lawyers will make millions off of us delaying the sentence.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          All such a waste of time.
          Hey Democrats, how many kids could be fed for the money you are going to waste on defending him?

          • When the verdict for the death penalty is unambitious, the defendant should be executed within minutes.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            In the court room.

      • The Butterfly

        Hopefully he’ll be standing on death row because sitting will be too painful.

  • Alain

    I do not have a problem with that, but I do have a problem with blacks doing the same and worse not getting the same treatment.

    • Same crimes, same penalties.

      Fair is fair.

      • Alain

        Yes, it is called the rule of law which was tossed out the window a good while ago in Canada and the United States.

  • UCSPanther

    Good riddance to this waste of skin. The fact that he sat in listening to the Church service for an hour before he lashed out showed that he had plenty of time to reconsider his rampage, but chose not to.

    Hate is one hell of a drug…

  • He’s not a trend. He’s a random psycho. There are always going to be random psychos. The way he was used by the media to argue about the Confederate flag etc. – and people wonder why we hate The Media.

  • Gary

    ” Roof told FBI agents he wanted to bring back segregation or perhaps start a race war with the slayings ”

    What?…..Obama was on your side but he backed the BLM terrorists and islamists org’s where they started killing white Cops and going Jihad to kill non-muslims whites.
    He didn’t have to shoot up the Church , he should have campaigned for Hillary so she would have won and gave the USA 12 years of Obama race wars and hatred for Whites and Non-muslims.

  • Gary


    Why is Nidal Hussien still alive, he shot up Fort Hood and boasted about it.
    McVeigh got killed pretty fast…..where was Obama to demand Nidal get executed???

    • Clausewitz

      Obama hasn’t finished with his pardon parade yet. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Unless he’s another McVeigh who actively fights the appeals process he’ll spend a decade or two on death row largely in isolation.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      There are still many questions about McVeigh.