BREAKING: Gunman takes hostages near Alabama University Campus

FBI swat teams raced to the scene and are believed to have surrounded the Tuscaloosa Credit Union – it is not yet known if the incident is terror related but authorities have not ruled it out.

Armed suspect caught after hostage situation at Alabama credit union

An armed suspect accused of taking as many as eight hostages at a credit union on the campus of the University of Alabama was under arrest Tuesday, police announced, as a standoff that gripped Tuscaloosa for hours came to an end.

  • robins111

    Annnnd the betting starts now. Dindu or Ally Snackbar.

  • Credit Unions attacks are usually by deranged ex-husbands.

  • The__Hammer

    The University of Alabama football team lost the national championship game to Clemson (SC) last night. They were up and blew the lead. You have no idea how big that is. Imagine Olympic hockey in Canada then multiply by 10.

    No one should be shocked that some there are going over the edge