NYT Ignores Key Line From Intel Report In Rush To Make Trump Look Bad

The New York Times article on the intelligence assessment of Russian meddling in the election overstates a “preference” for President-elect Donald Trump that Russia developed, while downplaying the core motivations outlined in the report.

The assessment from U.S. intelligence agencies outlined in the report is that Russia’s goal when it crafted and implemented the influence campaign was to undermine the integrity of the U.S. election and to denigrate Hillary Clinton. Yet the NYT barely mentions these motivations in its breaking take on the report, and blasted out a headline wrongly declaring President Vladimir Putin “ordered” the campaign to help Trump.

  • How did the Russians know Trump would be the candidate before the primaries?

  • simus1

    So the NYT, which has bum rubbing rights to all of America’s (Emperor Barry appointed) lefty intel chiefs was completely in the dark that Hitlery was seen by the common herd to have a few character flaws?
    That must have been quite a shock to them after the election.