Conrad Black: Canadians will eventually warm up to Trump. Until then, stop treating him like a monster

An instant industry has developed in Canada about how to adjust to a Trump presidency, as if the nature of the United States has metamorphosed instantly and unrecognizably. Almost all of this concern is unnecessary. Donald Trump has never expressed any grievances against Canada, and his limited experiences here, from skiing in the Laurentians to putting his name on a few buildings for a good fee, (which some local idiots have threatened to take down and have made the subject of demonstrations), have been agreeable.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Warm up to him or not, go ahead and treat him like a monster and see what happens.
    In fact, I hope he turns out to be nothing short of a monster in the eyes of the progressive left.

  • If he changes or scraps NAFTA, they will have no choice.

    I’ve had little confidence in Trump but he is the president. Stamping one’s feet isn’t going to make that fact go away. This is why this childishness is especially insufferable. We can’t have do-overs because of tantrums.

    • robins111

      Frankly I think he’ll be a far better President than they’ve had for decades. The last guys resume was essentially his experience as a shit disturber and professional victim

  • robins111

    Whats gonna be magic for me is watching the silent loathing on the faces of the Ceeb when they have to say ‘President Trump’. They’ll look like they’re passing a fist sized kidney stone.

  • Alain

    The Canadians having a panic attack are of one of two camps: the radical agenda-driven Left or the ones, actually the majority in my opinion, who solely rely on our MSM for their information and news. These are the same ones with the help of the American Left who gave us the Liberals with their man-child.

    • LairdKintyre

      Can’t wait till he addresses Parliament. Didn’t little Tommy Mulcair call him a fascist last summer. Awkward….little Tommy will probably hide under his desk.

  • Waffle

    Conrad’s wish list for 2017.

  • ntt1

    all the Canadian snowflakes deriding Trump will be in for major bleating when prime minister Zoolander starts taxing their medical /dental benefits as threatened. it will take a while yet but we will have our counter swinging pendulum . And no oleary ain’t it.

  • WalterBannon

    Canadians need to open their eyes and start worrying about those incompetents Wynne, Trudope and Notley. They need to get over their trump derangement syndrome.

    • Alain

      You are right, because it is not Trump who is destroying the economy and turning our country into a third-world shithole; it is the ones you named and their supporters and followers.

      • Maggat

        Where, where, oh where is Stephen Harper when you need him?

  • LairdKintyre

    What distresses me the most is the shallowness of so many people. Just because Trump is not a professional politician blowing sunshine up everyone’s skirt……OMG……then then he mmmm must be the Anti Christ. I am Canadian. And most people that seem to have this attitude and yes I have asked them this question. Have you ever listened to even one of his speech? Even one. Not a selected quote taken out of context. And mostly the answer is no they haven’t. They base their entire thoughts on home to what the media has told them. I was speaking to a woman at work once about the silly things people do. I made a comment, this was back during the election campaign when the fights were happening when a Democrat would cause trouble at a Republican rally. I made a comment to the effect that we’ll, if you go to a game. Sit in the opposing teams bleachers then start getting pushy and calling the other team names. You would be the fool if someone decides to pour a drink on your head. It is common courtesy afterall. When did you ever hear of Republicans going to the Democrats causing trouble. Never. Right? The lady at work proceeded to berate me as some kind of hater for not thinking Trump the ultimate evil. She hasn’t spoken to me since. It is perplexing. I just pray we are seeing the rebirth of strong national states casting off P C culture for good. Trumps election I pray is a harbinger of good things to come in Europe. Sadly for Canada we will be stuck with Trudeau for at least three more years. I wish Canadians would wake up and realize Trudeau is ruining Canada. But the way the man projects his Rockstar persona and travels everywhere but Canada it may take at least three years to see it.

    • Alain

      My experience has been the same in that not a single one of these panic-stricken people had ever listened to or read the transcript of what Trump actually said or did. It was based on the fabrication and lies spewed by the MSM here. Worse was that not a single one of them was interested in fact checking their information, even when suggested to them. The damage done by the MSM in this country is huge.