California farmers buying machinery to replace illegal aliens thanks to President Trump

FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — Days after Donald Trump won the White House vowing to deport millions of people in the country illegally and fortify the Mexican border, California farmer Kevin Herman ordered nearly $600,000 in new equipment, cutting the number of workers he’ll need starting with the next harvest.

Herman, who grows figs, persimmons and almonds in the nation’s most productive farming state, said Trump’s comments pushed him to make the purchase, larger than he would have otherwise.

“No doubt about it,” Herman said. “I probably wouldn’t have spent as much or bought as much machinery as I did.”

Think about that, the demand for equipment will spur manufacturing while simultaneously mitigating the illegal alien labour problem and the strain they place on state finances and tax payers.

Funny how a little incentive works to create a solution.

Of course as the article points out many still prefer their illegal labour to investing in equipment, and who can blame them for wanting to keep the free-ride they’ve enjoyed for so long.

h/t Exile