Nerdy white guy who’s pretending to be black explains why he “won’t be fighting for justice” over torture of mentally disabled white man

Who does this hilariously self-dramitizing Ali G wannabe think he is, Batman? He couldn’t fight Rosie O’Donnell for a ham sandwich.

Speaking of, said obese conspiracy-nut made a video arguing that a 10-year-old boy whose dad she doesn’t like is autistic. What nice people.

  • Shaun King is why Trump won.

  • Ed

    There will never be “social justice” till blacks are held to the same standard of behaviour as whites. As long as criminality is excused, explained, justified, minimized, the bigotry of low expectations will never allow society to accept them as fully adult co-equals.

  • Brenda

    Nobody could fight Rosie O’Donnell for a tuna sandwich.

    On a positive note, the global elite’s website got hacked:

  • Martin B

    They both need a beating oh so bad.

    • Dave

      with a battle mace!

    • Will Quest

      Bring back the circus freak show and let’s enjoy the antics of these lunatics while making a few bucks….

  • Place this confused little turd in the path between Rosie and a poisoned sandwich; Problem solved.

  • Remember – leftists thought it was gnarly to attack Sarah Palin’s son.

    • BillyHW

      They also thought it was cool to hack into her emails. (And they are still disappointed they didn’t find anything juicy there.)