Watch A Bunch Of Journalists Freak Out After Being Asked If They Know Anybody Who Drives A Truck

If you thought what happened in 2016 might teach the Panem progressives of American journalism to be a little more circumspect, you’d be wrong.

Even after a presidential election in which scores of media personalities were shown to be entirely disconnected from the country and people they report on, the liberal media bubble is alive and well. All it took to reveal the durability of that bubble was a simple question about pickup trucks.

  • Martin B

    John Ekdahl must be the best fisherman ever. All he needs for bait is a simple question about pickup trucks, and the dumb fish jump right into his net.

    How do people so clueless, so thin-skinned, so defensive even get through the day?

    • He trolled them beautifully.

      • Maurice Miner


        +1,000 for the double snark – (1) “trolling” as a fishing technique, and (2) “trolling” as we all know and love it!

        Well done, Blazing!

    • Editor

      They live in their NY, DC or LA echo chambers. This is just a variant of the leftist “I can’t believe X won, I don’t know a single person who voted for him!”

  • Maggat
  • simus1

    Basic pickups are also the goto vehicle for many working class families just getting by – most bang for the buck, plus the chance to pick up a few bucks hauling stuff.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    The leftists hate real America, just hate it, and everyone in it.

    • Editor

      They just won’t follow the damn script.