Clinton Colluding Reporters Now Set to Cover Trump Administration

A number of reporters exposed by Wikileaks to have colluded with the Hillary Clinton campaign will go on to cover the Trump White House.

CNBC chief political correspondent John Harwood regularly emailed Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta, congratulating him on Hillary’s successes and boasting about how he provoked Donald Trump at a Republican primary debate which he moderated.

I hope Trump has some fun with them.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Trump will have fun with these poseurs. However, he also uses Twitter to bypass them and get his messages out directly to the public.

    • WalterBannon

      i hope he kicks them out of the WH brieifings

      • Justin St.Denis

        Read my comment. Some will never even get it, I suspect. The new, more honest online media will be accommodated at the expense of the MSM by the Trump admin.

    • Veronicamohara

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  • Justin St.Denis

    The Trump Admin is not obliged to approve every journalist put forward by their media masters. John Harwood, for example, could be prevented from ever entering the WH because of how compromised he proved himself to be. Meanwhile, Breitbart and InfoWars reps could be approved and accommodated.this last point is going to make the MSM heads explode, especially when they learn that Breitbart and InfoWars are better regarded by both the Trump Admin and the public than are the MSM.

    • Exile1981

      Especially since those reporters have ties to groups that have made threats against Trump. From a security standpoint letting them near him is a bad idea.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The MSM cut its own throat. It’s now essentially little more than angry impotent people screaming to each other about Trump. And what with the newsstand price and the paywalls of the NYT, it’s almost as if they want it that way.

  • Blacksmith

    The death throes of the msm will be fun to watch.