One year after the Cologne assaults – Stop apologizing for political Islam

The response I received to my January 11, 2016 article about sexual assaults in Cologne on New Year’s Eve was overwhelming. The piece went viral, with most people lauding me for the courage I had shown in opposing the menace of political Islam in Europe. But many Muslims and those on the liberal-left criticized me for not being empathetic toward the plight of refugees. Nonetheless, I continued to write and advocate for Western secularism, ignoring the criticism.

One year after the Cologne attacks, I stand by my argument that political Islam and Western liberal values are not compatible. I still believe that the migrant influx ultimately disturbs the harmony and balance of German society. In fact, 2016 has proven that German society and the European way of life have suffered immensely due to the government’s “open door” refugee policy.

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