Does Trump Grasp the Reality of ‘Radical Islam’?

It was the key national-security debate of the 2016 election. Donald Trump won the election, in no small part, because he appeared to be on the right side of it. Appeared is used advisedly: Trump was at least in the general vicinity of the bull’s-eye; his opponent wouldn’t even acknowledge the target existed — except in the most grudging of ways, and only because Trump had forced the issue.

The question boiled down to this: Are you willing to name the enemy?

  • Flyboy

    Another excellent article by Andrew McCarthy, one that needs to be read by the political and security elites of Canada.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Fat chance of that happening.

  • andycanuck

    I must have missed National Review winning the GWoT to lecture anyone about how to deal with Islam. (NRO went ape over the Trump potential Moslem ban as I recall unless it was just Mexican illegals they were worried about and I’m misremembering.)

    • Andrew McCarthy is ok;)

      • andycanuck

        Backhanded ‘compliments’ to Trump don’t help his case.

        • moraywatson

          McCarthy and the other ‘backhanders’ do not seem to appreciate the incredible personal risk that Donald Trump took in the election. With the things that Trump was willing to say out loud, on the world stage, imagine if had LOST. Trump is a lot smarter than McCarthy gives him credit for. The American public has a ways to go yet before it is both walking and chewing gum on how to deal with islam. Trump’s first job is to change the culture of appeasement.

          • Justin St.Denis

            Trump is a lot smarter than 99% of the population. I am fully confident that he is ahead of the curve on this issue as wel.

      • Dana Garcia

        McCarthy is good, but the National Review has a squirrelly history, having fired John Derbyshire, Ann Coulter and Mark Steyn.

  • deplorabledave

    If the problem is rooted in Islamic doctrine, they contend, then the problem is Islam, not “radical Islam.” Yet this overlooks significant facts. There is fierce intramural Islamic debate about doctrinal interpretation.

    Where might this,”fierce intramural Islamic debate” be taking place?

    • moraywatson

      Huh? It’s taking place everywhere that muslims murder other muslims they consider to be apostates. it’s taking place everywhere an ‘honour killing’ is used to impose sharia on those who attempt apostasy. Where is the fierce intramural debate NOT taking place?

  • moraywatson

    I think Trump has a firm grasp of the basic truth that less islam is better than more islam.

  • Excellent commentary.

    My short input: Islam as a whole is the problem. The Islamic “religious blueprint” (Islamic theology) creates Islam. This needs to change.

    And that means, Islam needs a reformation. You can spin the facts anyway you want but, the reality is simple; No change in Islamic theology – no change in Islamic jihad and other mayhem.

    Trump has a unique opportunity here in the US to start the process. I call it “RICO and M3”

    Islam is clearly a crime syndicate. US RICO statutes are designed to take down crime syndicates. Put an army of CPAs and attorneys tracking down all the money and criminals. Use existing laws to arrest the (M1) mullahs, close and confiscate all the (M2) mosques and confiscate all the (M3) money.

    On the M3 money side; If one cent can be tracked back to Saudi Arabia or other Muslim country, confiscate 100% of their assets in the Western Banking system.

    Encourage other countries to do the same.

    This RICO M3 process is bound to cause significant conversation in the Muslim world.

    One must keep in mind that 1.5 billion people are stuck inside the Islamic cult. There is bound to be significant push back.

    One only needs to look to the Japanese imperial deity and how we changed it. It only took two nukes. And 70 years later we (and the Japanese) are all better off.

    If we are lucky the RICO M3 could be the critical mass to reform Islam. At a minimum it would dramatically reduce problems here in the USA.

    Readers may be interested in my thesis on how fear keeps Islam the way it is. It is this cycle that needs to be broken.

    It can be found at:

  • Gary

    He needs to get all of the mosques that are tied to jihadists for a program to boot out the foreign Imams for failing to preach peace behind closed doors.
    We know that the Somali muslims have the worse records for radical mosques and they have made it clear they wan t Sharia Law as the Law for all of the USA.
    There are areas where over 50% of the muslims are on Welfare with NO employable skills or don’t want to work.