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Kellie Leitch vows to move the Canadian Embassy to Jerusalem if elected

“In the wake of the recent UN vote and the comments of John Kerry, Canada must demonstrate its support for Israel. As Prime Minister, I will move the Canadian embassy in Israel to Jerusalem”, Leitch posted on her official Facebook page.

In an earlier post, Leitch said: “The Conservative Party of Canada stands for democracy and with Israel. As leader I will protect and strengthen the special bond between our people.”

FBI, DHS Russia Report Begins With Giant Disclaimer ‘Providing No Warranties of Any Kind’

The FBI and DHS finally released a report on the alleged “Russian hacking” of our election and it reads like a whole lot of nothing.

Students get credit for attending anti-Trump teach-in

Students were required to attend a World AIDs Day event and write a 2-3 page reflection paper on the event they chose to attend.

In lieu of attending an AIDs-related event, all of which were off-campus and/or required a donation to attend, Professor April Sizemore-Barber offered students the opportunity to attend a teach-in on Georgetown’s campus.

Canadian Imam says Islamic Law to be implemented when Muslims are majority

In a recent Friday sermon, Bilal Philips argued that Judaism and Christianity are a distortion of Islam, and that, Jesus, who was a Muslim, represents the link connecting the three religions.

He accused a small group of Muslims of provoking Islamophobia because of their call to implement the Islamic Law (Sharia) in Europe where Muslims are a minority. When Muslims become the majority, explained Bilal Philips, they are obliged to implement the Islamic Law.

Drexel won’t take action against ‘white genocide’ professor

Drexel University announced yesterday that it will not take action against the professor who tweeted that all he wants “for Christmas is White Genocide.”

Instead, the university has argued that his tweet is “protected speech” that should not be “taken at face value.”

European cities ramp up security for New Year after Berlin attack

European capitals tightened security on Friday ahead of New Year’s celebrations, erecting concrete barriers in city centers and boosting police numbers after the Islamic State attack in Berlin last week that killed 12 people.

In the German capital, police closed the Pariser Platz square in front of the Brandenburg Gate and prepared to deploy 1,700 extra officers, many along a party strip where armored cars will flank concrete barriers blocking off the area.

College in Canada? After Trump’s win, more in US consider it

Colleges from Quebec to British Columbia say applications and website traffic from the United States have been surging since Trump’s victory Nov. 8. Although many Canadian schools had also ramped up recruiting in the U.S. recently, some say dismay over the presidential election has fueled a spike in interest beyond their expectations.

Obama unleashes 3,853 regs, 18 for every law, record 97,110 pages of red tape

President Obama’s lame duck administration poured on thousands more new regulations in 2016 at a rate of 18 for every new law passed, according to a Friday analysis of his team’s expansion of federal authority.

Migrants who gang-raped boy avoid deportation to Afghanistan as it’s ‘TOO DANGEROUS’

The shocking revelation comes after conviction of the gang for the attack on the minor, which was filmed by the assailants.

After being beaten he was raped for over an hour.

The horror attack happened in woodland in the town of Uppsala in Sweden.

Government steps up security ahead of New Year’s kick-off to Canada’s 150th

Preparations are well underway on Parliament Hill for the official New Year’s kick-off to Canada’s 150th anniversary, including an increase in special security precautions around the nation’s capital.

“Sadly, we’ve seen some of the activities that take place, whether in Berlin or Paris, and you want to make sure that Canadians, when they come to their nation’s capital, feel very safe,” said Ottawa mayor Jim Watson ahead of Saturday’s event, which will see thousands gathered on the front lawn of Parliament for fireworks and a concert.


  • V10_Rob

    OK Ms. Leitch, you may not have my full undivided attention just yet, but you certainly have my serious interest. You’ve been saying far too many things that the professional grievance industry assures me are outrageous and unacceptable.

    This is how you win. You take a stand for principles on the right, compromise where reasonable with the center, and refuse to apologize to the left.

    I predicted that whoever heads the Tories is going to be tarred by the court eunuch media as ‘The Canadian Trump’, and sure enough I’ve heard them use the phrase more than once to describe Leitch or O’Leary as of late. I won’t say run with it, but don’t run FROM it either. Borrow his themes where appropriate, and wrap them in a more diplomatic package. I expect Trump is going to leave the Literally Hitler crowd thoroughly discredited, and if raving loudmouth Trump himself isn’t Hitler, comparatively calm and polite [insert Tory candidate] being Canuck Hitler will be all the more ridiculous.

    The vulnerability is of course how Donald does in the months between now and the next Canadian election; everything he does will have a halo effect on the Tories. But there’s really no way to avoid that except to distance themselves so hard they run left of the liberals, which hurts them as bad if not worse. If Trump fails to deliver in any significant way, the Tories will be in an uphill fight. But if he yet again succeeds against all expectations, it gives the Tories a hell of a tailwind and turns the months of media coverage as ‘Canada’s Trump’ into free advertising.

    • k2

      She is starting to stand out from the crowd, isn’t she? Even if it is cold, calculated self-interest at work (and I have no reason to believe it is) she is saying the right sorts of things and showing a willingness to buck the trends and take independent positions. And perhaps to listen a bit to Canadians as well. That’s refreshing: a politician perhaps willing to actually represent the people that they represent.

      As for the MSM, they *will* try to demonize her but my suspicion is that it will have a similar effect to what happened with Trump, and backfire. They have lost the trust of large chunks of Canadian society and if they say “left” people are likely to go “right” in response. Plus, I think even milquetoast Canadians do not much appreciate being told we’re racist, ignorant slobs – which seems to be how many in the MSM view average and conservative-leaning Canadians.

      • ontario john

        And it has nothing to do with me living in her riding.

        • k2

          Heh. It’d be rather nice to have the Prime Minister as one’s MP, I would think.

      • Justin St.Denis

        “Milquetoast Canadians”

        Thank you for spelling milquetoast correctly, btw. Also, is there ANOTHER kind of Canadian? I always assumed “milquetoast” captured all Canadians with the exception of Leonard Cohen. 😉

        • k2

          To be honest, I had to look it up 🙂

          • Justin St.Denis


        • Minicapt
          • Justin St.Denis

            I read the article. What was your point in posting same? The article only illustrates that urban residents find horses very daunting. So? Seriously, why did you post that article? What are you trying to tell me?

          • Minicapt

            “Milquetoast Canadians”
            Obviously you were unable to discover a connection.
            Have a good day.


      • V10_Rob

        I’m not terribly worried about whether or not she believes it, so long as she delivers on it.

        Trump is in it for ego to a large degree, and that’s fine because the only way he gets to be the 5th head on Mount Rushmore is if he truly succeeds in his making America great again pledge, and is remembered as a great president by even his detractors.

        If Leitch’s personal priority is to jet around the world, rub elbows with other world leaders, drink $25 a glass orange juice and retire with a Prime Minister’s pension in a snooty neighborhood, I can stomach it as long as she spends her office hours truly working on Canada’s problems.

  • ontario john

    And now for your morning amusement, the Toronto Saturday Star. The editorial states that we all should be excited that Canada is no longer a white country and of course Trudeau is wonderful. Tony Burman predicts that Trump will cause world war three, a new round of members of the elites have been given the Order of Canada, Hollywood is making a record breaking number of movies in China during 2017, and female students are flocking to Canada because Trump will allow the little snow flakes to be raped in the halls of American universities.

  • PaulW

    Politicians in Canada will not present Canadians with any say on questions of immigration: how much we should have if any, from where, and so on. They just will NOT let us vote on this but ad nauseam insist that immigration – and mass muslim immigration in particular – is a good thing and Canadians want it (despite polls which tend to indicate the contrary, to some extent at least). Let us vote on this issue. Screw you and your empty name calling (racist, xenophobe): let the electorate decide this very important issue. But they just will not do it.

    Of course muslims will impose sharia law when they are a majority – that is what they do everywhere, and have done since the 7th century. And I personally do not want to live under sharia – I’m terrified of the prospect, frankly…. Stop mass muslim immigration into Canada now. I know it’s just words right now, unfortunately, but this is the prize we need to work toward, and keep working toward, if this country is to be preserved in anything like a recognizable (and livable) form.

  • mauser 98
  • Re: the “Russian hacking” report.
    Even if the Russians had something to do with it the report was not very convincing — it was a simple e-mail “phishing” scam that any kid living in mom’s basement could perform. Nothing technologically sophisticated, and something most people using the Internet already know how to avoid. You simply don’t open e-mails from unidentified sources, or you at least do a malware check, etc.

    DNC cyber security practices were almost as bad as Secretary of State Hillary’s, and definitely worse than mine or yours or those of the kid living in mom’s basement.

    • Millie_Woods

      Read iowahawk’s excellent takedown of a twit pushing the ‘hack’ narrative.

      • “Metadata” is such a fancy word. But basically it means the data that you enter into form sheets when you install your OS and different programs such as Office, e-mail, etc. If you fill out “John Smith” working for the “ABC Moving Company”, at “123 Oak Street, Pakuskinosh, Minnesota”, phone number “111-111-1111”, e-mail “”, then that’s going to be your metadata. Your metadata can be as accurate or inaccurate as you want it to be. Hence your “Russian fingerprint” as reflected in metadata can be real or totally misleading.

        I guess Obama must think that Russian intelligence hasn’t figured out what “metadata” is yet; he probably thinks the Russians are still using Commodore 64’s from the ’80’s before the public Internet even existed (actually I think it’s the DNC that’s still using 8-bit Commodore technology from the ’80’s!).

        • Millie_Woods

          Judging by how often government networks and databases have been hacked in the last few years , I agree that Democrats have a serious technology problem

  • tom_billesley

    Welcome to Australia, Mr. Jihadi.
    A 40-year-old man arriving in Sydney from London has been charged by anti-terror police for allegedly making threats against the Australian city’s New Year’s Eve celebrations. Australian police detained the man as he got off a plane at Sydney International Airport on Thursday.

  • John Boy

    “… they are obliged to implement the Islamic Law.”

    The fact that “Sharia Law” is a tenent of Islam to be imposed on ALL (not just Muslims) is the biggest reason to ban all Muslim immigration!

    • Justin St.Denis

      John Boy (and SO MANY OTHERS), a religion has TENETS, not “tenents” or “tenants”. This error is driving many people up a wall and makes otherwise intelligent people sound illiterate. Please make a note. 😉

      • deplorabledave

        Don’t go loosing your sense of humour Justin, you might losen the hounds of the anti-grammar correction police on yourself.

        • Justin St.Denis

          “Grammar police” do not worry me or most multilingual people I know. I simply find it unfortunate that unilingual English Canadians and Americans have such a tenuous grasp on the mechanics of the only language they speak. I’m currently working on fluency in a fifth language.

  • bargogx1

    Of course no action will be taken against comrade Maher. He has expressed correct opinions, even if certain enemies of the people have taken offense. It is they who will be monitored for any future infractons, comrades. The free speech of comrade Maher and all others expressing correct opinions must be protected!

    • Alain

      Inciting violence is already a criminal offence and not free speech. Calling for genocide of a group is inciting violence. Why is this never addressed by the university and by the law?