• LairdKintyre

    More multicultural enrichment. No doubt the Elites will regard this incident as evidence we need more Islamic Immigration.

    • Of course they will.

      • Editor

        Anybody figure out yet any of the benefits of muslim immigration to Canada? I’m still trying to find any.

        • Maggat

          There is absolutely none what so ever.

    • Ed

      Sexual emergency… our culture permits it… we’re so sorry if we did anything wrong… you’re racist if you make a big deal of it… anyway we’ve been oppressed so long it’s only natural we should strike back… in fact what we did is a noble push back… where’s my welfare cheque???

  • Spatchcocked

    One of Justines kids?
    In the fullness of time his kiddies will on the police blotters real regular.

  • Blacksmith

    Confine him and his scrotum separately that way he cannot break the law in jail.

  • LairdKintyre

    No doubt this is our fault for not providing him with a house, car a really good paying job and a girlfriend. How long will we treat these newcomers so poorly, Mr McCallum?

    • In a way we are all responsible for Mr. Boubacar’s present sad estate.

  • Alain

    “A Toronto man”, eh?

    • Watchman

      Yes, but a Mohammed Coefficient of 100%.