The Terrorism We Refuse to Fight – Forget ISIS — we’ve got Chicago.

If you open the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal or turn on your TV or Internet, you are guaranteed to see stories of terrorism in Germany and France and England, in North Africa, in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, the Caucasus, the Philippines, all over the earth far away from here.

And you’ll read stories about what the leading statesmen and politicians of the USA are doing and plan to do to keep terrorism from slamming our shores again: “extreme” vetting, water boarding, keeping out immigrants from turbulent Muslim regions. These are all huge stories, and the subject of keeping terror far away from these United States is a vital subject.

There is one giant problem though. Terrorism is already here. Right here. In America. Every day. Every night.

  • Gary

    Last year it was reported that Chicago had over 500 homicides as the new norm while Detroit was just over 300 a year.

    Just last week the media reported a violent weekend in Chi with close to 50 deaths from violence and guns which push the 2016 Homicides to over 700.
    This year in Toronto the latest number is 69 which shatters the 2005 ” year of the guns ” rate 55 .

    And yes…..when you look at the Police Photos for the victims there as some White people which means that not all blacks are killers or victims.
    Sadly , John Tory came out of his fog and saw that Toronto was no longer the City of “Toronto-the Good ” which is safe and clean.
    Tory tried to assure us that Toronto isn’t as bad a Chicago……nice one John, so 500+ murders a year is your new Yardstick to make me feel good that Toronto is only at about 70 a year.
    Thank god that David Miller banned Shooting Ranges inside Toronto and banned guns. Now if only he banned cancer, AIDS , poverty and homeless people.

  • G

    “….Our housekeeper….” “our summer home”

    STFU you rich dick. Just another cappuccino sipper sitting in the back of his limo typing a veiled case for gun control on his lap top while trying to convince everyone he’s more compassionate than everyone else.

    When inner city blacks get off their self pity crap and concentrate on working instead of sticking their hands out & bleating “racism” maybe the situation will improve.

  • passerby1969

    The violence of inner city black communities is not terrorism. First off, there is no behaviour change the “terrorists” demand in the inner city. Second, the “terrorists” come from within those communities. What’s happening in places like Chicago is fueled by a desire for money or lazy impulsiveness. That’s not terrorism.

  • mauser 98
  • moraywatson

    Criminality without a political agenda is just criminality. Criminality in pursuit of a political agenda is terrorism.