The Cultural Appropriation of Slavery









The combination of ignorance and indoctrination in modern education has but one aim: Delegitimize America and its civic heritage as a unique evil to be overcome. Case in point: The belief that America invented slavery, which was wholly confined within.

The truth of the matter is that slavery was an actual act of “cultural appropriation”.

  • ntt1

    Muslims ran the slave trade and it included slaves from many european counties,as white skin brought greater profit.
    the barbary pirates were an example . most black slaves were taken violently by other black tribes , marched to the nearest coast and sold to muslims, the lack of sizable black minorities in muslim countries to this day is due to the normal castration of all males resulting in 20%die off due to blood loss and infection, females were kept or sold as sex slaves you can see the arab/black mix in some one like colin kaepernick.
    Muslims still run a slave trade to this day. as the vile acts against Yazidis and Christians show.

  • ontario john

    The religion of peace has never gotten out of the slave trade. The Arabic word for blacks in Africa means slave. It was only a few years ago that groups rescued Christian slaves from muslim war lords in Africa. The Arabs and African tribal leaders provided most of the slaves in the past, for shipment to North America because Africa was too dangerous for Europeans due to disease.

    • Funny how Justin never talks about that.

    • UCSPanther

      The Arabic word is “Abed” or its plural form, “Abeed”.

      They are also known to use it as a slur against blacks in the US in particular.

  • Sadly, slavery is a part of the human condition.

    It only becomes abhorrent when certain people enslave certain others.

    • ntt1

      Our “family courts” are doing it now to divorced men

  • mauser 98

    ..Qatar World Cup
    “There are an estimated 1.8 million migrant workers in Qatar
    “total death toll by the time the tournament kicks off could be as high as 7,000

    • They used North Korean slave labour.

      • mauser 98

        and Pakistani.. they hate them
        most Saudi beheadings are Pakistanis… drugged.. entertainment

        my brother in law Air Canada pilot witnessed in the 70’s

        • The Pakistanis and Saudis might as well be joined at the hip.

          Why the hatred?

          • mauser 98

            Saudis despise Pakistanis..a different brand of Islam i guess

            they are waiters if lucky
            rest clean streets , sewers

            racism we never see here ,have no idea of
            notice in Pakistan itself..the higher up the social ladder the lighter the skin colour..same in Mexico

          • Racism is alright when some people do it (RE: Saudi Arabia).

            Again, nuke these places.

  • UCSPanther

    Slavery is as old as our species, and is still widely practiced in places that are still ruled by barbarity.

    Saudi Arabia may have “officially” outlawed it, but they are still known to practice it in an under-the-table manner, and a number of groups in Africa, such as the Tuaregs of the Sahara still proudly practice it.

    Out society has outlawed it, and anyone caught trying to practice it is still punished as of this time…

  • Hard Little Machine

    At the dawn of civilization I’m sure someone figured slavery was a more humane option than the usual tribal mass murder of losers in battle.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I think it was a little more self interested than that.