New ISIS Video Shows Child Soldiers Executing Tied-Up Prisoners

The children hunt prisoners whose hands are bound in a building during a military training exercise.

It’s graphic needless to say. Which raises a point, anyone caught attempting to join ISIS should not be allowed to walk our streets. Proof of ISIS atrocities has been public knowledge since they swept into Iraq. Anyone signing up knows that ISIS is evil incarnate and the expression of Islam in its purest form.

  • These children are ruined.

    How does killing these b@$#@rds make them win?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Two things

    1 – so they slaughter one another to the last one standing. good.
    2 – in my experience they exhibit sufficient discipline to be soldiers, not ‘child soldiers’

    All this tells me is that if they can hoist a gun they’re targets. Kill them all. Age 9? Just means they move slower and takes less ammo to kill them.

    We need to bring back napalm and incinerate the entire country down to the bedrock. Kill every living thing there.

  • mobuyus

    Kill them all. Their men women and spawn.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    “the expression of Islam in its purest form.”
    And of course, islam is evil.