How the Collapse of the USSR Felt from the Inside

A reflection by a witness 25 years later.

25 years ago George Bush Sr. was still in office, and so was Saddam Hussein. The European Union didn’t exist and neither did China’s economic powerhouse. The Berlin wall had just come down and Germany had finally reunited. Hillary Clinton was a little-known mouthy First Lady of Arkansas and the media gleefully predicted that Donald Trump would never climb back to the top after his Atlantic City fiasco.

On the other side of the Iron Curtain, the Eastern bloc was in shambles, but the USSR was still standing with Mikhail Gorbachev at the helm.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I can’t be the only one that sees parallels to the unraveling of institutions and beliefs in the west today.
    The Dems are objectively our enemy while the Republicans were playing for an entirely different team, and we weren’t on it.
    Yeah, that’s how communism crumbled too.
    people lost faith in it.
    In Russia’s case it took twenty-five years, in our case it took only 18-months (with Trump running as a populist) for the entire edifice of lies to come crumbling down.
    That realization was harsh.
    That roughly one-half to two-thirds of our “Conservative Republicans” were indeed keeping the music going so we would peacefully keep marching to the stockyards.
    It turns out that it was all crap.
    Now what do we do?

    • The Republican quislings were as disgusting as the Democrats, in fact they are the same people.

    • ntt1

      Make sure the swamp is drained and that means far left communists and RINOs, it will be a huge job as the swamp has risen and flooded; K-12, academia and the entertainment worlds. it will take at least two terms as it needs to be a cultural shift away from frankfurt school marxism.

      • Cherylwjones

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  • From the article:

    “…one must remember that the USSR was a union of fifteen ethnic republics
    that had little in common except for the common misfortune of being
    absorbed into a messianic empire and subjected to absurd social

    After seventy years of that, it is no wonder it took a long time for Russia et al to get back on their feet.

    Coupled with the fact that Russians are mortally terrified of chaos and have no idea of liberties as we understand them, one can see how the Russians latched on to communism and then on to Putin.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      You would think that with all that diversity of 15-republics that the USSR would have been stronger.

      • ntt1

        marxist lie #1 diversity is not strength, diversity means weakness and lack of cohesion, marxists love lack of cohesion as it allows for pitting groups against each other and further weakening society.

      • But… but… diversity.

        Actually, Russification.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      The union was nothing more than the czarist empire wearing different garb.