Confessions of an Isis killer: British jihadis shunned frontline in favour of torture squads

“When I shot the rafidi it was easy. He was kneeling in front of me, sobbing. He was a big man: his body was shaking. I thought ‘why are you crying, you are a killer yourself, you are going to have a quick death’. I just pulled the trigger, and it was over. I didn’t feel any pity. I didn’t feel any pride. I was just doing my job.”

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    “both had been anxious to repeatedly stress that they had played no part in the acts of savagery for which Isis has become a byword”
    Sure, sure. They’re lying of course. Give them each a round in the brain.

    • Cherylwjones

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  • k2

    So they were contemptuous of the manner in which the Alawite faced his end; let’s see how they do in the same situation, you know, just for the sake of comparison.

  • xavier

    Wow beside being a chickenshit coward he’s an effete who found it easy to kill the defenseless because you know the frontline is actually strenuous and dangerous

    This track with what the proKurds foreign volunteers have observed.Isis are good for nothing fighters who have to rely on ruses de guerre