At least 744 assisted-deaths in Canada since law passed…

At least 744 gravely ill adults received a doctor’s help to end their lives since the medical procedure became legal across Canada in 2016, and experts say those numbers are expected to rise.

CTV News surveyed provincial and territorial health ministries to gather the most comprehensive picture of the practice to date. The numbers show that, on average, four Canadians per day had medically assisted deaths between June 17 and December 16.

  • granny47

    How long before palliative care will no longer be available? Those that have no concern over innocent young ones being butchered in the womb will be quite willing to eliminate the useless, helpless elderly.

  • Clink9

    Does life insurance pay out for this?

    • This is how the government saves on healthcare dollars. Those saved dollars are diverted elsewhere.

      • Alain

        They are rapidely being replaced however by mass immigration of the worst kind.

      • G

        And they certainly are:
        Renovations at 24 Sussex, office upgrades at the senate & Supreme court, parliamentary gym & fitness center, new limos ect.

        Important stuff. Our masters are entitled to their entitlements.

        • If people can’t see how they’ve been transformed into serfs, then I just don’t know any more.

  • John the Mad

    When colleagues press me to sign an organ donor card I reply that I no longer trust doctors to preserve life and therefore it is not in my interest to sign. Planned Parenthood doctors have been exposed selling baby parts for profit. Doctor abortionists make their living killing babies in the womb.

    This does not re-assure me that certain doctors might see my organs as a source of profit and may not undertake necessary procedures to save my life. When “do no harm” was removed from the Hippocratic oath trust in the profession must suffer.

  • G

    Thank you Social Engineering court of Canada. You are true slimebags (especially you Biased Bev.).

  • Watchman

    First there was “Surprise Sex” = rape.
    Now there will likely be “Surprise Euthanasia”, as pioneered by Dr Harold Shipman in the UK with an estimated 250+ successful procedures. Keeping the Canadian healthcare costs down to maintain funding for abortions.