Decline in A-list celeb influence a big story in US 2016 elections

From political analyst Michael Barone at Townhall:

Over the 40-some years that I have been working or closely observing the political campaign business, the rules of the game haven’t changed much. Technology has changed the business somewhat, but the people who ran campaigns in the 1970s could have (and in some cases actually have) run them four decades later.

But suddenly this year, the rules seemed to change. Let me try to count the ways.

Celebrities don’t count. Did anyone vote for Clinton because Beyonce and Lady Gaga did concerts for her? Bruce Springsteen’s Monmouth County, New Jersey, voted for Trump. The money ferrying such celebs to Clinton event venues was totally wasted. More.

Reality check: One of the few reasons for thinking this election may signal big long-term changes is that Cool didn’t seem to matter the way it used to.

In the light of day, Cool don’t even seem so cool any more. If I were writing a comic sketch about the election, I’d be forever mad at myself for not thinking up Pantsuit Nation. Oh, and the fashion designers who curry favour with the progressive billionaires’ babes by refusing to dress Melania Trump, who obviously doesn’t need their help anyway.

This might signal a lasting change because, let’s face it, Cool is a hard thing to recover.

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Another designer won’t dress Melania, yawn, KA-CHINK!

  • Gary

    I used to look up to Martin Short for being a Comic and very creative to play different roles.
    But recently in November he couldn’t keep his mouth shut about Trump while martin was at a Canadian event in Toronto. I warned a young musician/comic that Toronto has a gated Community for the ARTS and you better read the right books and vote for the right ( correct, not Right Wing ) Party plus make sure your jokes attack the correct people and views that they accept.

    These people love to go to the USA and Make Millions while they spit on the Flag when they don’t see their Candidate win or they must smear a Celebrity to keep favour back in Toronto for when they return and want the CBC to be nice as well. .

    • Celebrity is the Kardashians, they are the new “Hollywood”, no wonder no one takes “actors” seriously.

  • robins111

    Trump and his followers just gave a wedgie to the cool kids in front of the whole world.

  • Hard Little Machine

    It’s not that it was wasted it was overplayed. Hillary had zero % of ever being threatened in Hollywood. She spent too much time obsessing in districts she could never lose instead of places she could have won. The appeal of being surrounded by people telling you you’re God was too strong.

  • Ron MacDonald

    A-List Celebrity’s were probably paid a generous fee to voice their support.