Progressive site Media Matters demands action on fake news

From Media Matters:

According to a recent Pew poll, 62% of Americans now get news on social media, with Facebook overwhelmingly being the most popular platform. And yet too often it was not news that Americans found on Facebook, but rather fake stories dressed up as the news.

Evidence shows that Facebook is riddled with lies. One report even found that teenagers in Macedonia were able to game Facebook and get their Trump propaganda posts shared into the news feeds of millions.

Earlier this year, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg sat down with conservatives who complained that right-wing news was suppressed on Facebook. It was after that meeting that Facebook fired their human editors and replaced them all with algorithms. This decision further unleashed fake news on Facebook. More.

Reality check: Did you know? Elvis was an extra in a movie thirteen years after his death?:

Elvis Presley has been spotted alive many times since he died on August 16, 1977. In 1984, he was photographed leaving a hospital with his friend Muhammad Ali in New York City, allegedly. In 1991, he was seen dining at a restaurant in Clyde, Ohio, supposedly. And just this May, he was found in a t-shirt and jeans, cleaning the grounds at Graceland, his Memphis, Tennessee, estate where he died of a heart attack almost 40 years prior, purportedly. But one of the oddest post-mortem sightings by those who believe The King to still be walking the earth is an appearance in the 1990 holiday classic Home Alone.

We urgently need Facebook, YouTube, and the government to prevent us from believing in and acting on this type of information.

Is the world really as touchingly naive as MM supposes? I used to have all kinds of trouble with Facebook before the human editors were replaced by algorithms. Any time a troll complained falsely that something or other that I had linked was “offensive,” my news posts to Facebook groups were blocked and that was a big har har for the troll at the expense of everyone who wanted news in a specialty area.

Now, with algorithms in charge, my posts would actually have to be offensive to an honest reader. But then the mod himself would probably block my posts, which is how it should work. Wonder how long this free flow of information will last.

See also: Americans mostly blame selves for believing fake news The fact that Americans blame themselves when they are stung by fake news means that fully progressivizing the country will probably take two or three eight-year stretches like 2008-2016. Americans must be reduced to the sort of people shrieking that the Enemy is lying to them and making them feel bad, and that merciful Big Government must crack down hard, to stop the Enemy and fix everyone’s feelings.